360 FARMS is a leader in elderberry nursery plants and products. With over 7000 elderberry plants in our orchards, we’re one of the largest producers in the region.  We harvest both the elderflower and elderberry for use in our retail products.  Our products are available online and at our Market@360Farms.  We’re open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00-6:00.

The Elderberry Wine Company is our newest venture and we’re excited to introduce our elderberry and elderflower wines!  We also produce superior teas and skin care products under The Elderberry Apothecary label. Our products are grown, processed, and packaged in small batches right here on the farm.  This allows us to maintain the highest standards for quality.  Our nursery stock is propagated from our best performing field plants and maintained in our dedicated greenhouse.  We use sustainable agricultural practices and our farm is pesticide and herbicide free.  Our goal is to provide elderberry products that have been grown right.

We returned to this rural farming community with one goal; to help others improve their health through good nutrition. (The name 360 FARMS, is a nod to that full circle journey back home.) We grow elderberries because we’ve witnessed the positive effects possible with regular use.  The fruit and flowers of this native plant have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory  properties.  In addition, the berries are high in polyphenols and antioxidants.  We think elderberry is the best kept secret in the plant world!

360 Farms is located in the southeast corner of Muskogee County Oklahoma, about halfway between Tulsa and Ft. Smith.  We’re open Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00-6:00.  We’re proudly affiliated with both the Made in Oklahoma and Oklahoma Agritourism programs.  Tours are available by appointment only.

As of January 2022, 360 Farms will no longer ship retail orders for live plants or cuttings.  

We will continue to offer top quality plants for retail sales, but now all nursery purchases need to be picked up at 360 Farms.  As always, when you visit the farm, you’ll have the benefit of our expert advice on variety selection, care, and maintenance.  While you’re here, we invite you to take a few moments to enjoy the native wildflowers and ecosystems we’ve worked to restore.  There’s a pavilion seating area available and a farm market to explore. We do our best to make your trip both memorable and worthwhile!

The elderberry nursery business has been very good to us.  Our focus on growing hardy native cultivars has produced a gratifying response and we thank you!  Over the past few years, annual plant sales have topped 20,000, and continue to increase yearly.  A major percentage of those sales being large, commercial orders.  With only two of us running this rodeo, we now find it necessary to scale back in other other areas of the business. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.



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Earth Friendly

360 Farms is a certified Monarch Waystation and a keeper of honeybees.  Our farm is both pesticide and herbicide free.

Superior Quality

All products are hand harvested then gently shade-dried or flash frozen to preserve nutrients.

Start to Finish

We grow the plants, process the harvest, and package our own products. From our farm to you!

Loaded with Goodness

Immune Booster

The Market@360Farms

The Elderberry Wine Company

Elderberry Nursery


Elderberry History and Research

Such a fun day at 360 Farms! The hosts were so welcoming and kept everyone entertained! The wine was delicious too! We definitely will be going back the next time we are in town!

Vanessa SApril 2021

Such an amazing cozy winery!! .... Not your typical winery but if you're looking for an amazing experience and just the kindest people, PLEASE, PLEASE go see and experience this truly hidden gem of a winery! Oh!!!... Last but d*** sure not least is the completely mind blowing wines they offer!

Jason WApril 2021

Their teas are amazing and I get my order very fast!!!

Tatyana F-November 28,2018

Really informative on the benefits. Loved how they try to get to know you and your individual problems and try to match the right teas for you!

Shelly B - February 19 2015

I just want to share my experiences. I have rheumatoid arthritis. I have had it for approximately 15 years...[I] started using the Tulsi Time tea and soon was able to walk without a cane. My doctor was so surprised [and was] able to reduce my medication. My lab work shocked us all. [It] was better than [in] many years, and [my] pain was reduced. Not pain-free but so much better. So thankful! [It] has made a big difference for us. Would advise anyone to try it.

Louie W. - October 2017

I just wanted y’all to know I will forever be buying your soap! I have tried creams, prescriptions and all other kinds of things for my psoriasis, and the calendula soap beat all of it in helping clear my skin.

ShawnaJuly 17, 2020

I have been buying the Elderberry tea for a few months and am amazed at how it has helped with my allergies! I had been taking allergy medicine for twenty plus years and since I have been drinking the tea, I have no longer needed the medicine! The soap is wonderful also! Highly recommend everyone to check 360 Farms out!!!!

Dawn E-August 21, 2018

This place is truly a hidden gem and I am glad we stumbled on it! The owners are not only extremely genuine people but they are also really knowledgeable. The wine was great as well and we ended up buying a few bottles to take back home, along with soaps, candles, and teas.

Ashley SOctober 2021

Off the beaten path but easy to get to; just watch for the signs. Friendly owners who know their stuff and will readily share their knowledge of the elderberry plant.. They make 3 different wines which we sampled and ultimately purchased a mixed case of... Great little local shop; glad we stopped in.

Ben GSeptember 2021

Beautiful farm run by warm and knowledgeable people. We had an awesome visit!

Soania W. - November 14, 2015

All our group was very excited to learn and we're surprised about all the information gained.

Donnita A. - May 5, 2017