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360 Farms Eld
erberry Nursery
est: 2012

Open 10:00-6:00 Tu-Sa


The Head Mule says he's putting himself out to pasture!

After 11 successful years in the elderberry nursery business, it's time for a change. 

A well run nursery operation requires a tremendous amount of time and labor and The Head Mule's tired. 

We're ready to spend more time checking some other things off our bucket list.  We'll continue to farm elderberry and focus on making more great elderberry wine.  We're beyond grateful for all your support over the years!

Last Chance to Buy 360 Farms Elderberry Plants!

  • Final Nursery Clearance Begins 11/07/23

  • 1-gal plants now only $10

  • Available only at 360 Farms - NO SHIPPING

  • All Plant Varieties Native to Our Region

  • Limited Inventory

  • When They're Gone - They're Gone


360 Farms is a leader in supplying well-rooted Elderberry Nursery Stock.  We're a fully licensed and inspected Oklahoma Nursery specializing in the propagation of American Black Elder (Sambucus canadensis). We've been growing elderberry for over 10 years. Our experience has shown many elderberry varieties to be somewhat site specific; meaning the plant will only thrive in specific regions and soils.  We propagate varieties that are especially well-suited to growing, producing and thriving in this region of the United States.  We sell well-rooted 2nd year stock in 1-gallon trade containers.  These plants are ready to produce within a year.


Price Table for 1-gal Nursery Stock

360 Logo
Southfork EB 2021 edit
Ranch 09.19
Large Elderberry Umbrell edit
Elderberry Plant 01.09.19
1 Nursery Plant w ©
EB Hoop House
Propagation 01.2021
Ranch EB April 2021 2
Price per Plant
100+ Nursery Plants
26 - 99 Nursery Plants
1 - 25 Nursery Plants

 Our Final Nursery Clearance Sale 






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