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360 Farms Elderberry Nursery

est: 2012

Open 10:00-6:00 Tu-Sa




360 Farms is a leader in supplying well-rooted Elderberry Nursery Stock.  We're a fully licensed and inspected Oklahoma Nursery specializing in the propagation of American Black Elder (Sambucus canadensis). We've been growing elderberry for over 10 years. Our experience has shown many elderberry varieties to be somewhat site specific; meaning the plant will only thrive in specific regions and soils.  We propagate varieties that are especially well-suited to growing, producing and thriving in this region of the United States.  We sell well-rooted 2nd year stock in 1-gallon trade containers.  These plants are ready to produce within a year. We supply plants for backyard gardeners, commercial orchard production, agricultural use (erosion control and riparian buffers), or conservation (development and/or restoration of of wildlife habitat).  Please contact us if you'd like more info on commercial orders and pricing.
We currently grow the following varieties: Ranch, Wyldewood, Bob Gordon, Adams, John, Verde, Ozark, and Pocahontas. 
Our inventory can change quickly, so please check with us for availability. 

We no longer ship elderberry plants. Our nursery business has grown to the point that we had to make some difficult choices. We could only meet the increased demand for quality plants if we gave up the time requirements for shipping.  And to be honest, we enjoy meeting our customers face-to-face.  It's very gratifying to see folks taking steps to improve their well being. We'll take time to discuss every aspect of growing a healthy elderberry plant that will serve you well for years. We can recommend the best varieties for your location and soil type, then discuss water & nutrient demands, site selection, and pest & disease management.  We'll even share our experience re: best practices for the harvest and processing of your elderberry.  Perhaps most importantly, we're in this for the long haul. Just reach out whenever there's a question or concern with your elderberry plants.

You'll leave 360 Farms knowing that the journey was time well spent. While you're here, we invite you to take a moment to enjoy the native wildflowers and ecosystems we've worked to restore.  The experience of an elderberry orchard in full bloom should be on everyone's bucket list!  It truly is breathtaking in late May-June. A pavilion seating area overlooks the orchard and we hope you'll explore our small farm winery and farm store.


Price Table for 1-gal Nursery Stock

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Southfork EB 2021 edit
Ranch 09.19
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Price per Plant
1 - 25 Nursery Plants
26 - 99 Nursery Plants
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Oklahoma Native Elderberry

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