Oklahoma has been blessed with a wonderful diversity of Elderberry varieties, with plants adapted to a wide variety of soil types and pH ranges. In addition, there are significant varietal differences in natural sugar content and berry size. Decades of university field trials confirm that Oklahoma is an epicenter for genetic diversity in elderberries. We stock over ten varieties of commercial production Elderberries and most are native to Oklahoma. We fertilize with natural products when possible and use no pesticides. We’re love our bees and the elderflower honey they produce!

Elderberries are one of the few food plants that have not been hybridized or genetically modified into an unrecognizable form. For more than eight years, we’ve collected and studied our local elderberries. We’re convinced that we’ve barely scratched the surface on the biodiversity of this plant. 360 Farms is currently collaborating with The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture to further study  native plants. Our locally sourced, native stock is propagated from genetically superior plants, chosen for fruit production and hardiness.

PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL BEFORE ORDERING NURSERY STOCK. Soil type and pH play a huge role in choosing the best Elderberry variety for you.  After discussing your climate and soil conditions, we’ll recommend the best varieties to meet your needs. Our goal is healthy plants and happy customers. We can supply plants for backyard gardeners, commercial orchard production, agricultural use (erosion control and riparian buffers), or conservation (development and/or restoration of wildlife habitat).

The 2019 sale of cuttings was a great success and we’ll continue to offer this option to our customers. Field cuttings will ship after 01/15/20 and will continue until our stock is depleted. Un-rooted cuttings are an economical way to establish large plantings but it should be noted that fruit production will be delayed until root mass is established, usually 2-3 years. Please note: Cuttings are sold and shipped in multiples of ten. 

360 Farms is proud to offer the highest quality elderberry nursery stock available today. Our business is growing and we ship our plants across the U.S..

1 Gallon Nursery Stock

Contact us for available elderberry varieties by using the Contact Us tab on our homepage or give us a call at 918-464-2505.

1 gallon nursery plants are back in stock!








1 - 10 Plants

$ 15.00

per plantSize: 1 Gallon

11 - 99 Plants

$ 12.50

per plantSize: 1 Gallon

100+ Plants

$ 10.00

per plantSize: 1 Gallon

*Please contact us for wholesale pricing*


Cuttings are sold out for 2019!

Cuttings are sold out for 2019.  Please use the Contact Us tab or call 918-464-2505 for more information on the varieties and quantities available 2020.












1 - 500 Cuttings

$ 3.50

Per Cutting+ $12.50 Flat Rate Shipping

500+ Cuttings

$ 3.00

Per CuttingFree Shipping