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2 oz. = 40 Cups of Tea


3C Remedy Tea is specifically formulated with botanicals to ease coughs, colds and congestion. The antiviral and antibacterial properties of elderberry and elderflower help boost the immune system. Anise hyssop has expectorant qualities to help move the gunk out of your lungs and peppermint is a natural decongestant for a stuffy head. Anise hyssop and peppermint can also help soothe an upset tummy. The pleasant mint flavor makes it an easy option for relief. This 2 oz. package will yield approximately 40 cups of tea when brewed as directed. 


To avoid the toxic chemicals found in most manufactured tea bags, our elderberry and elderflower teas are sold loose leaf.Ships in reclosable, airtight mylar packaging.  Crafted with care, from our Oklahoma farm to you, because you deserve our best!


WARNING: Use with caution if you are pregnant, have a history of seizures, or in children under 3 yrs of age.

3-C Remedy Tea

  • The Elderberry Apothecary
    At 360 Farms, we control the quality from start to finish. We produce, process, and package all products  exclusively on our Oklahoma farm. There's never a question regarding the freshness or origin of our products, and absolutely no added water, sugar, fillers or additives.

    The elderberry & elderflower are harvested from pesticide/herbicide free orchards and our aquaponic greenhouse is used for year round production of any added medicinal herbs. We always process following GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) standards.

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