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Our Elderberry Tonic is a tasty shot of wellness!  We’re really pleased with this tonic (technically it’s an oxymel).  Simple is often best. Our tonic is made with with 3 healthy ingredients; 360 Farms Elderberries, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and Oklahoma Honey**. That’s it…NO added sugar, NO added water. You get all the benefits of fresh elderberry, a more stable shelf-life* than syrup, and no loss of nutrition due to heat exposure.


Shoot, sip, or stir. Add it to your favorite water, tea, or juice if a shot or sip is too intense for your taste. Dosage is 1 tablespoon for daily maintenance. Increase as needed when fighting illness or stress. Store in a cool location. 


* For longest shelf-life, this tonic should be refrigerated after opening and is best used within 3-6 months.

**This product contains raw honey and should not be used in children under 12 months of age.

Elderberry Tonic

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  • The Elderberry Apothecary
    At 360 Farms, we control the quality from start to finish. We produce, process, and package all products  exclusively on our Oklahoma farm. There's never a question regarding the freshness or origin of our products. Absolutely no added water, sugar, fillers or additives.

    The elderberry & elderflower are harvested from pesticide/herbicide free orchards and our aquaponic greenhouse is used for year round production of any added medicinal herbs. We process following GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) standards. Product ships packaged in a 5 oz. glass bottle.

  • Quality is our priority. Please let us know if there are any concerns with your order. We promptly replace any items damaged in shipping. Give us a shout and we'll do our best to make it right!

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