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Our Skin Balm is a great fix for skin in distress. Easy to tuck in your pocket, it's a natural, healing balm for cuts, scrapes, burns, & bug bites. It’s also a terrific intensive moisturizer for hands, feet and cuticles.  The flowers of the Elder plant have a long list of antiviral, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. Made from Grapeseed, Almond, Sunflower & Coconut oils gently infused with Elderflower, Yarrow, Calendula, Comfrey, Elder Leaf, Gotu Kola.  Other ingredients include beeswax and Cedarwood & Tea Tree EO. Ships packaged in a handy 1 oz. tin.

Superior Skin Balm

  • The Elderberry Apothecary
    At 360 Farms, we control the quality from start to finish. We produce, process, and package all products  exclusively on our Oklahoma farm. There's never a question regarding the freshness or origin of our products, and absolutely no added water, sugar, fillers or additives.

    The elderberry & elderflower are harvested from pesticide/herbicide free orchards and our aquaponic greenhouse is used for year round production of any added medicinal herbs. We process following GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) standards. Product ships as shown.