Elderberry Gift Mug


Elderberry Tea Mug

Everything you need to make a cup of elderberry wellness!  This striking logo mug ships as shown.  It’s filled with a generous 2 oz. bag of Tulsi Time Tea, 10 honey straws and a handy tea infuser.  It’s a great way to brighten someone’s day.

CHEMICAL and PESTICIDE FREE! Absolutely no fillers or additives. Our botanicals are always the highest quality. You never need question the freshness or origin of our product. 360 FARMS produces, processes, and packages exclusively on our Oklahoma farm.

The Elderberry Apothecary
You need some elderberry wellness and we’ve made it easy!  Our primary tea ingredients are always the dried elderflower and elderberries  produced in our 7000 plant orchards.  Any additional medicinal herbs are grown in our aquaponic greenhouse.  No herbicides or pesticides are ever used on on our farm. Handcrafted in small batches, because you deserve our best!


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Weight 19.2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 8 in

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